Thanks to its unmistakable appearance and unique acoustic features, the GLASIO panel is used in theatres, concert halls, lecture rooms and schoolrooms, as well as in a number of other spaces which are demanding in terms of acoustics and interior design.

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Thanks to its material composition, the AKUSON soundproofing panel secures the required noise reduction in two ways. First, the combination of its inner layers achieves the desired sound insulation. Second, one side of the panel is sound-absorbing, which causes the absorption of sound energy from the side of the noise source.

The panel is used as filling in noise-protective walls placed close to the exterior technological facilities (ventilation and air-conditioning units, pumps, compressors, etc.). It is often used in the interior of industrial plants, where it ensures a safe space for workers by creating a protective noise barrier. These panels are also used in the production of acoustic hoods for noisy equipment.

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