The reverberation time measurement is used to objectively determine the acoustic conditions of the space – the acoustic quality of space.


The reverberation time is one of the most significant parameters of the acoustic quality of a space.

Besides the reverberation time, we also evaluate speech intelligibility, relative sound volume, sound clarity and clearness.

  • The measurement results serve as input data to determine the optimal space design in terms of room acoustics. They are the background for the acoustic study (the room acoustics project) which specifies the exact amount of materials with particular acoustic attributes necessary and defines the exact positions of those components for the space installation.
  • Measurement is also necessary for the approval of completed spaces, which are difficult in terms of room acoustics as per STN 73 0527.

Measurement of all parameters of room acoustics is performed according to STN EN ISO 3382-1,2,3.

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This measurement is used to evaluate the sound insulation of a wall or ceiling dividing two spaces.


  • The measurement is aimed at building companies and developers, and serves as the background for the approval of new or renovated buildings.
  • The measurement is also performed for complainants regarding insufficient soundproofing, and is used for objective evaluation of the sound insulation separating the buildings.
  • The sound insulation measurement is accredited at SNAS and it is performed by a person who is professionally qualified for the noise measurement.
  • The step soundproofing measurement is not accredited and is carried out by a person who is professionally qualified for the noise measurement.
  • The airborne sound insulation – according to STN EN ISO 16283-1.
  • The step sound insulation – according to canceled STN EN ISO 140-7.

Based on the measurement results, it is possible to design optimal sound insulation to improve the problematic construction.


3D models of a space often help to decrease the amount of acoustic materials used compared to simple calculations. The reason for this is that the simulations enable the more effective positioning of particular acoustic materials.


Rich experience in designing and managing the realization of acoustic projects in big buildings – theatres, sport halls, industrial halls, and conference and training rooms.


At the completion of our designed projects we guarantee the quoted values of room acoustics or noise reduction. In the case of failure to comply with these values, we will carry out additional acoustic arrangements at our own expense.